Through the lens of creativity, we capture moments that speak volumes. At A B N Seal College Photography Club, we frame memories, emotions, and stories, one click at a time. Join us as we explore the world through our lenses, unlocking the beauty in every snapshot and preserving the essence of our journey.

1) Debojit Roy, Department of Education.
2) Limon Ali, Department of Education.
3) Atithi Choudhary, Department of Education.
4) Raju Ahamed Ali, Department of Education
5) Rahul Mohanto, Department Of Philosophy.
6) Anish Dey Sarkar, Department Of Zoology.
7) Sudip Nandi, Department Of Physics.
8) Pappu Saha, Department of Education.
9) Priyanka Roy, Department of Education.
10) Utsab Malakar, Department of Education.
11) Pankaj Barman, Department of Education.

●  We have convened multiple meetings to establish the club's guidelines. Our primary aim is to raise awareness about the importance of extracurricular activities among students through photography. We believe that photography has the remarkable ability to stimulate thinking and imagination. Moreover, honing photography skills can potentially broaden job prospects in the future.
●  Photography competition was successfully organized on the 10/10/2023 and prize was distributed to successful participants.
●  Photography exhibition is to be held at the College in the month of April 2024.

Enhanced Skill Development:

Offer regular workshops, seminars, and photo challenges
to continually develop members’ photography skills and knowledge.

Community Outreach:

Strengthen ties with local organizations, businesses,
and schools through collaborative projects, exhibitions, and outreach programs.

Professional Networking:

Facilitate connections with industry professionals and
alumni to provide mentorship opportunities and insights into the photography field.

Recognition and Awards:

Strive for recognition at regional and national
photography competitions, showcasing the talent and dedication of club members.

Technological Advancements:

Embrace emerging technologies and trends in photography
to stay at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

Career Opportunities:

Provide resources and guidance for members interested in
pursuing careers or further education in photography or related fields.

Future Activity:

Organize Workshops/Seminars at Regional, National and
International level related to Photography in our College.

Overall, the Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal College
Photography Club aims to foster a dynamic and supportive community of photographers
while preparing members for success in their future endeavors.