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The Incubation Center of our college serves as a hub for nurturing entrepreneurial spirit among students. It provides a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and launch their innovative ideas into viable businesses. Offering mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, it fosters creativity and collaboration. Through workshops, seminars, and access to funding, it empowers students to turn their concepts into reality. The Incubation Center not only cultivates entrepreneurial skills but also contributes to the growth of the local economy by fostering startups. Ultimately, it serves as a catalyst for innovation, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within the college community.

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Creation and transfer of Knowledge to Build up Entrepreneurial culture for generation of wealth and employment through systems and mechanism in nurturing innovative mindset and fostering Synergistic relationships between academia and industry towards an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

• Identification of Innovative Ideas germinated by the students and to maneuver those ideas towards effective entrepreneurial practices.
• To channelize the innovative ideas, Knowledge and energy of the youth for the holistic development of society.
• To foster a system equipped with requisite infrastructure which will enable students in order to adapt to changing scenario sin the broader business and economic environment.
• To inculcate a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship.
• To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprises-building to the budding entrepreneurs.
• To play a pivotal role in developing entrepreneurship culture in its vicinity. This may include extending help for regional start-ups and active involvement in defining strategic directions for regional development.

• To organize periodic workshops, seminars, entrepreneurship training, webinar including interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and to create a mentor pool comprising of experts of different fields for innovators of the institution.
• To motivate, support and mentor the students for identification, development and commercialization of their innovative ideas.
• To organize visit to various industries, companies, institutions in order to update the knowledge pool and to acquaint with their success stories and also to encourage students to participate in different competitions and challenges organized by these institutions.
• To Organize various events like Hackathons, Idea Competitions, Innovation camps etc. with the involvement of Industry and Alumni.
• Attempts should be made to engage alumni association and their network for promoting innovation and Entrepreneurship.
• The centre will work towards setting up Incubation facility.
• Incubation centre will take initiatives for arranging mentorship to the idea(s) submitted by prospective Entrepreneurs into concept(s), prepare them for understanding the technical feasibility of the ideas proposed, project development and support system.
• Cutting edge innovative ideas should be recognized for better engagement in entrepreneurial activities.
• Incubation Centre will provide support mechanisms and guidance for creating, managing and coordinating these relationships.

• Dr. Debojyoti Dutta (Director)
• Dr. Writuparna Chakraborty
• Prof. Suchismita Maiti
• Dr. Aninda Mandal
• Prof. Partha Das

• Ready to take Risk for both Financial & Calculate Documentation
• Get Familiar of the Government schemes
• Must Understand Competition in Business
• Be ready to accept closure of the nonviable Project and start a new.
• Develop Emotional Intelligence Day by day.