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The Anti-Ragging Committee in colleges ensures the safety and well-being of students by prohibiting any form of ragging or harassment. Comprising faculty members, staff, and student representatives, it actively monitors campus activities to prevent instances of bullying or hazing. The committee conducts awareness programs to educate students about the detrimental effects of ragging and encourages a culture of respect and inclusivity. It provides confidential channels for reporting incidents and swiftly addresses complaints through disciplinary actions. By promoting a zero-tolerance policy, the Anti-Ragging Committee contributes to creating a positive and conducive learning environment where every student feels valued and protected.

Sl No. Committee Members
1 Mrinal Kanti Basak
2 Sanghamitra Dasgupta
3 Amrita Ghosh
4 Heben Biswas
5 Rajeshree Dutta
6 Arpan Roy Pramanik
7 Mithun Barman
8 Subha Dey
9 Tanuka Sarkar
Annual Reports of Anti Ragging Committee

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