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135 Years young Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal College aims to be an institution of excellence in higher education and research through the development, innovation and application of knowledge towards creating well-rounded, multiskilled and socially responsible global citizens for a people centric ecologically sustainable society.


1. To provide students with quality educational experiences and support services that can lead to the successful completion of degrees along with imparting of career-oriented education and basic skills of proficiency.

2. To promote academic and career success through the development of critical coupled with value-based thinking, effective communication, creativity and cultural awareness within a safe, accessible and affordable learning ambience.

3. To meet the requisites of demographically assorted student population, the institution embraces equity and accountability through measurable learning outcomes, ethical data driven decision making and students’ achievement.

4. To contribute in the development of habits, attitudes and qualities of character building, enabling the students to bear worthily, the responsibilities of dignified citizenship, making them strong enough to face those fissiparous tendencies which obstruct development of a broad, national and secular outlook

5. To make it a regular practice on various skills in personality development thereby promoting interpersonal communication, facilitating the growth of self confidence, required for all round development of an enduring personality.