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The Department of Philosophy intends to offer comprehensive theoretical reflections in the different branches of Philosophy that ensures the nourishment of cognitive faculty & logical analytical efficiency of its students. In the pragmatic aspect, with the analysis of ethical theories , department endeavors to develop concerns regarding real problems of present life & their probable solutions among its students. Students are encouraged with various academic, social & cultural activities like seminars, field studies, social services through NGO, World Philosophy Day & Teachers’ Day celebration, Freshers’ Welcome etc. The department has its own wall magazine that instigates creative writings, paintings of its students. With a rich departmental seminar library it inspires its students to borrow books & study the recommended original texts as well as reference books. Students are encouraged to take part in the sports & NSS activities organized by the college. In career counseling, teachers of the department continuously support their students with information, study material & guidance for competitive examinations and various professional courses in different institutions.


Sl No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sanghamitra Dasgupta Associate Professor
2 Dr. Mrinal Kanti Basak Assistant Professor
3 Irani Sil Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Sutapa Chakraborty Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Bishnupriya Saha Assistant Professor


With a critical & comprehensive process of thought our department motivates its students dispelling ignorance, enriching understanding, broadening experience, expanding horizons, exploring values, fixing beliefs by rational inquiry, synthesizing knowledge and questing for wisdom, examining world-views and questioning conceptual frameworks.

Have a glimpse of our vibrant academic culture:

  • Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (2021)

    Prof. Atashee Chattetjee Sinha ,Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University

  • Counselling Ethics (2021)

    Prof. Somdatta Bhattacharyya, Associate Professor & Head,Departmrnt of Philosophy,CBPBU

  • Philosophy of Mind (2020)

    Prof. Amita Chatterjee,Retired Professor,Department of Philosophy & Cognitive Science,Jadavpur University

  • Human Values and Professional Ethics (2019)

    Prof. Jyotish Chandra Basak, Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, N.B.U.

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Bachelor Of Arts in Philosophy

HOD:- Dr. Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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